In an effort to create sustainable solutions for improving the livelihoods of the impoverished, the FAHU Foundation has supported projects in Latin America, Asia & Africa. Special emphasis has been on providing access to informal financial markets via the savings group model, to marginalized groups in an effort to reduce the barriers, stigma and prejudice that keep people living in poverty. Listed below are the projects the Foundation is currently supporting as well as those it has previously supported.




Savings Group E-learning Project

  • Grant of USD 90,000 to DanChurchAid (DCA) to develop a self-directed gamifed on-demand e-learning training course on the Village Savings and Loan methodology.

Savings for Change Reproductive Health Project

  • Grant of USD 100,000 to Oxfam America (Oxfam America) to advance an innovative platform and scalable model for delivering family planning services to Mali Savings for Change group members.

Savings Groups Information Exchange

University of Adger PhD Study

  • Grant of USD 40,000 to the Strømme Foundation (Strømme Foundation) to support data collection in Uganda for a PhD study analyzing the impact external financial linkages have on savings groups.






Partner: Agricultural Development Denmark Asia

  • Project: Savings group and famer field school project to promote economic empowerment and improve food security in Siem Riep.






Partner: EARTH University

  • Project: Promoted entrepreneurship training at EARTH University by contributing to a microloan fund for student run agricultural businesses.







Partner: Misjonaliansen/D-Miro Foundation

  • Project: Contributed to a microloan fund for people living with HIV/Aids.







Partner: OXFAM

  • Project: Implemented savings group project in rural El Salvador with an emphasis on creating visual materials for teaching the methodology, in an effort to reach illiterate and enumerate women.





Partner: Oxfam America (Oxfam America)






Partner: DanChurchAid

  • Project: Supported economic empowerment through savings groups and piloted mobile phone data collection.






Partner: CARE Denmark

  • Project: Analyzed the efficacy of existing savings and lending groups in Nepal and made recommendations for improving them, resulting in the "savings and Empowerment" report.

Partners: CARE Denmark and CARE Nepal

  • Project: Implement savings group project promoting the inclusion of Dalits.




Partner: The National Union of Disabled Persons in Uganda

  • Project: Promoted the inclusion of people with disabilities with the savings groups being established by CARE Uganda as part of the Sustain program.




Partner: The West Nile Private Sector Development Promotion Center Limited

  • Project: Savings group project in rural Northwest Uganda fostering inclusion of people with disabilities, providing business development training, and promoting self-replication through the village agent model.



Partner: The West Nile Private Sector Development Promotion Center Limited

  • Project: Savings group project fostering inclusion of people with disabilities, promoting self-replication through the village agent model, and providing business development training and educational outreach in HIV/AIDS prevention, Health & Sanitation.